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How To Trade the Cup With Handle Family of Trades

About "Cup Market Cycle Trading Seminar"

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If you want to trade successfully, learn from successful traders.  Dale Glaspie is a successful individual trader. Whether you are just a beginner or an experienced trader, if you learn and apply what Dale has to teach, you are on your way to successful trading.

There are many challenges in the road to successful trading.  One of the biggest challenges is misinformation and misconception.  "Change your thoughts - Change your life."  Dale will teach you the critical thinking that will fundamentally change your trading life if you make it as your own.

The second challenge is the understanding of how the market works in order to spot and capture the market trend timely. Dale will share with you the key findings of his many-years of research of market cycle, and show you what to look for.

The third major challenge is often the lack of proven trading process and strategies.  Developing such often take years. In fact, it took Dale 15 years of research and development to come up with the proven process and strategies.  Dale will teach you the process and strategies concepts, so that you can apply them to your trading without spending years of your valuable time and a lot of money on research and development.

A most difficult part in trading is the exit.  When you are in a position, you are constantly trying to make decision on whether to exit now or hold on a position -- time-consuming and exhausting.  You can solve this problem by using DEL Associates LLC proprietary exits.

Included in the seminar will be a basic course in the proper use of Options to trade the different systems taught during the course. 

Finally, Dale will teach you the proper use of money management and position sizing to keep you in the game for the long-haul.

When: TBD, Call for more Information
Where: Online

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Marilyn L – Montgomery, AL
“I have been using the Cup with Handle formation to tell me when a stock is about to breakout many years. It wasn’t until I read your book “How To Trade the Cup with Handle Family of Trades” that I realized there were many great trades that could be used in any type of market. This book ha...

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