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How To Trade the Cup With Handle Family of Trades

The Cup with Handle is a formation on a Stock Chart that is completed after a stock has made a good run up in price and is taking a little time to catch its breath. We call this pause a consolidation. For many years the Cup with Handle has been considered the best technical formation to tell when a stock has set up to continue its move on up the chart when certain conditions are met. Before we hop on for a ride the following must happen:

  • The overall Market Must Be Bullish.
  • The Price must cross above the Pivot Point Price.
  • The Volume must be at least 125% of the 50 Day Average Volume.
  • When all three of these happen during the same day we have what is known as a BREAKOUT.

There are no guarantees in trading – no system is foolproof. However, when you learn to analyze stocks through this system you are better equipped to predict potential market trends.

Once you grasp the concepts of how the Cup with Handle Family can provide you with all the knowledge needed to be a successful trader, you'll be hooked for life.




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You can use this e-book to learn as little or as much as you desire about trading. It is written in a simple format and offers you, the reader, an easily mastered trading system. There is no magic involved – this is by the charts! The magic was in the brainchild of Dale Glaspie through years of trial and error, first dreaming of, then designing this unbelievable software.


George Hutton – Honolulu, Hawaii
“I believe that this seminar had more "meat on the bones" than any other I have been to and I have attended quite a few. I think the subject matter was excellent and I, personally, am anxious to put it to work as soon as possible. I have sent off the required information to TradeStation and should...

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