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The Daily CupWatch Report

At the end of each trading day we use our computerized CupScan© software to scan the stock markets for the Cup with Handle, the Inverted Cup with Handle stocks that completed a setup on that day. In addition we also scan for those stocks that broke out that day. It would be impossible to try to go through nearly 9000 stocks without the assistance of a computer program to come up with these little gems. Once we acquire the symbols we check their fundamentals using three different sources to make sure they meet the stringent criteria needed. Our clients/subscribers are then emailed the Daily CupWatch Report. 

Below is an example of our report:


The symbols are ranked according to their fundamental criteria. Those in the Premier Group will be those with very high numbers as to Earnings, Relative Strength, as well as being a top stock among the top Industry Groups. The Standard Group is broken into Group 1 and Group 2. Group 1 is stocks in the top 25% of the Industry Groups for that week. Group 2 are those stocks in the next 25% of the Industry Groups. (Stocks in the lower 50% of the Industry Groups are not included in the Report.)

The Non-Standard Group are made up of young companies that have a strong following (High Relative Strength) but have not yet proved they can make money over a long period of time. Investors should only consider these stocks in a well developed strong Bull Market. These are the companies that can provide a 200% to 500% gain when conditions are right. Look for those companies where the 50 Day Average Volume has jumped up over the past several months. This shows accumulation by some institutional traders. When the big guys start paying attention so should we.

The Inverted Cup with Handle section includes those stock symbols that completed a setup on the day of the report. These stocks are also screened to make sure they have good fundamentals. Investors only want to consider those stocks that have proven they can make money quarter after quarter. Their Relative Strength will be somewhat lacking since they have been in a down trend for a period of time.

According to Dale Glaspie, "When I first started screening for the Inverted Cup with Handle I had the wrong impression that we should only consider those stocks with weak fundamentals. It soon became apparent that a good stock will go down just as fast as or even faster than a stock with weak fundamentals. Besides we want to be looking only at strong companies if and when the market turns to the upside."

The Inverted Cup with Handle Breakout Section includes those stocks that were previously reported In the Inverted Cup with Handle Section, on the day they break out to the down side. In other words they Close below the Pivot Point TrendLine.

Each Friday after Close, in addition to our Daily CupWatch Report, our Weekly CupWatch Report is created using weekly data and emailed to our subscribers. Each bar on the chart represents one week of trading. The Open will be the first stock market trade on Monday and the Close will be the last stock market trade on Friday. These stocks tend to take a long time to develop and will serve as long term trades.

All of the symbols reported in the CupWatch Report will be placed in our CupAlerts© computerized system that will send out an email real time during regular markets hours when the price approaches the Pivot Point Price.

You must be a Subscriber to receive computerized Daily and Weekly CupWatch Reports and CupAlerts©.


Joel Bloch – Powell, Ohio
The simple fact is that the CupWatch system has helped me make thousands of dollars in both up and down markets. I am not a professional trader; I have a day job. Dale’s system provides a clear and effective way to filter out those stocks I want to focus on as potential buys or shorts.

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