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How To Trade the Cup With Handle Family of Trades

CupTrade Strategies©

After years of intensive programming and testing, DEL Associates LLC has developed 10 computerized Automated Trading Systems to trade the plays discussed in this section.

Using the TradeStation Platform, CupTrade Strategies© can be set to trade fully Automatic thus eliminating emotions. These strategies, through the use of Inputs allow Subscribers to trade the way they want. Subscribers can set the strategies to either wait for their confir­mation or the strategies can be set to trade fully automatic. In automation mode trades will be executed as you set them through inputs. These are easy to set up and require no technical expertise on your part.

The rules that must be followed when trading the Cup with Handle pattern in­clude:

  • Price must be at least 8 cents above Pivot Point TrendLine.
  • Real Time Volume must be at least 125% of 50 Day Average.
  • Price at time of trade cannot be greater than 5% above Pivot Point TrendLine.
    If it is we must wait for a pull back.
  • Once in the Position we must set a 7% or 8% Stop-Loss.

Subscribers must have researched the fundamentals for the stock being traded.

All the above bulleted items can be set to run automatically. You control management of your trade by setting the inputs that control the rules listed above to whatever you wish. Without the emotion component, the chances of success greatly improves.

Inputs Controlled by the Subscriber

  • Buy Point – Pivot Point Plus
  • Percent of 50 Day Average Volume
  • Percent of Stop-Loss
  • Number of Trades the Strategy can make
  • Number of Ticks - Prevents Bad Tick Trades

The Subscriber has complete control over how the trade is made. Subscriber sets the Entry price by using the number of cents above or below the Pivot Point to be used. In order to insure sufficient Volume to have a good Breakout subscriber can enter the percent of 50 Day Average Volume. DEL Associates LLC exclusive Relative Volume Indicator provides up to the second percentage of 50 Day Average Volume. One of the most important "MUST HAVES" to be successful is a Stop that will get the trader out if the stock goes in the wrong direction. Subscriber can set the Percent of Stop-Loss desired, a 7% to 8% Stop-Loss is recommended. CupTrade Strategies© can be set to enter up to 4 trades for each Cup with Handle or In­verted Cup with Handle formation. If a Cup with Handle trade is closed out from either being stopped out or after a successful trade, and the Number of Trades is set to two or more, it will enter a second trade if the stock shows it wants to go higher. It uses our TrendTrade technology to make extra entries. To prevent a trade from being executed from a bad tick the Subscriber is allowed the ability to require the Entry Price to be hit with two or more ticks. Dale Glaspie adds: "No other computerized automated trading systems offer the flexibility for traders that is offered by CupTrade Strategies©."

CupTrade Strategies© use TradeStation 9.1 or later Platform. Trades are made using Real Time tick by tick data. All Inputs are programmed with proprietary functions and indicators.

According to Dale Glaspie, "We offer Subscribers several formats for learning how to use our computerized CupTrade Strategies© and associated indicators. We suggest you start by checking out the Education Tab on this website."


Mike I. – Kansas City, Mo
“I’ve tried many different ‘styles’ and techniques during my investment career. Without a doubt, Dale Glaspie’s Cup w/ Handle trading system is by far the best I’ve come across. I call it a ‘system’ but that’s not an accurate description. It’s really more a collection of tools...

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