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How To Trade the Cup With Handle Family of Trades


This is a computerized system that monitors all stocks listed in the Cup­Watch Report and generates an email to Subscribers when the price approaches the Pivot Point Price.

The technology used in coding the computerized programs for the CupAlert System was developed while DEL Associates LLC worked on the computerized CupTrade Strategies©. According to owner, Dale Glaspie, "This was a huge break through as it has enabled us to offer services not available through our competitors."

The CupAlert system is completely automatic. Each evening after the CupWatch Report has been generated the stock symbols that were reported are loaded into the CupAlert System. The CupAlert System monitors each stock real time during stock market hours. When the price of a stock reaches the trigger point the CupAlert System will generate an email and will have that email on the Subscriber’s computer within seconds. The Subscriber's email program should be set to receive emails every 1 minute in order to re­ceive the CupAlerts as quickly as possible.

Here is what your CupAlert email will contain:

Subject Line Includes All Information

CupAlert for PLCE  Y  SDY  161%  643696

Subject Line of the Alert Email includes the following Information:

Stock Symbol "PLCE"

If it is an Optionable Stock or not "Y" or "N" Type of Alert '''SDY''

Percentage of Average Volume (50 Day) "161 %" Average Volume (50 Day) "643696"

You know before you open the email if it is something you are inter­ested in trading.

Following is a sample Bullish Alert


Bullish Alerts

  • PDY - Premier Daily
  • SDY - Standard Daily
  • SWK - Standard Weekly
  • NDY·- Non-Standard Daily
  • RlD - Reversed Inverted Daily
  • RlW - Reversed Inverted Weekly

Bearish Alerts

  • IDY - Inverted Daily
  • IWK - Inverted Weekly
  • RDY - Reversed Daily
  • RWK - Reversed Weekly

Subscriber can pick and choose the Alerts he/she wishes to receive accord­ing to their trading preference. The information on how to change the alerts will be provided after subscribing to CupWatch Reports and CupAlerts.

Type of Alert Determines Trade

  • Studying Cup with Handles for years provides the ability to identify differ­ent setups that will enhance the Subscriber's trading experience.
  • Alerts have been compiled to signal each of these trades.
  • In the segment to follow, detailed information will be provided on how to use the CupWatch Report in conjunction with the CupAlerts.

PDY - Premier Daily

  • Premier section includes stocks that meet the highest fundamental cri­teria.
  • Will be among top 2 in its Industry Group.
  • Well established stocks that have proven they can perform.

CAUTION: Do not trade if it is the 4th Cup and Handle formed during this Trend.

Remember there are two types of traders/investors: Those that believe only in using the fundamental data in analyzing stocks; and those that use technical analysis (chart reading). As Dale Glaspie puts it, "When we use Darvas' Techno-Fundamental method we are using a combination of both fundamental and technical. To do oth­erwise does not make sense to an astute person."

Those stocks meeting the standards to be reported in the Premier Section of the CupWatch Report will be few in number. To obtain such high numbers the stock has already had a good run and care should be taken that they don't top out shortly after breaking out, especially for the 3rd and 4th Cup with Handle. Dale cautions, "One should not trade the 4th Cup with Handle for this reason as they have a high failure rate shortly after breaking out. If the stock has a large drop in price, such as during a bear mar­ket, then the Cup with Handle formations can start being counted all over again."

SDY - Standard Daily

  • Meets top criteria for most fundamental ratings.
  • It's OK to have one or two ratings that don't quite meet the highest ratings.
  • These are top quality stocks and should be considered for further re­search to include in your "watch list".
  • Many competitors screen these stocks out and don't give them consid­eration.
  • These stocks will be the best performers with lowest risk.

NDY - Non-Standard Daily

  • Most Non-Standard stocks will have a high Relative Strength Rating and a lower Earnings Per Share Rating. In some cases this is reversed.
  • For the most part these are higher risk tech stocks and should only be considered in a bull market.
  • Many will have criteria lower than minimum for many traders. We include stocks low in price providing other criteria looks suitable.
  • Usually the First Cup with Handle in this uptrend.
  • Those stocks gaining 300% to 500% will usually be in this group.

SWK - Standard Weekly

  • SWK - uses weekly data, otherwise it is the same as SDY.
  • The Weekly Cup Watch Report includes the Premier, Standard, and Non-Standard same as Daily Cup Watch Report.
  • We do not have CupAlerts for these separately as the number does not warrant it.
  • SWK - Includes all Weekly CWHs.

How CupAlerts Are Triggered


PDY - SDY - NDY - SWK Alerts all Work the Same

  • When the Price gets within a predetermined percentage of the Pivot Point Price an Email is generated.
  • Within seconds this Email is in the system and on the way to our Subscriber.
  • Subscriber needs to set Email Package to check for mail each I minute.
  • Spam filters must allow mail from Domain.


Last Two Bullish Alerts - RID and RIW

Reversed Inverted Cup with Handle

  •  RID - Reversed Inverted Daily
  •  RIW - Reversed Inverted Weekly
  • One of the Best Trades coming out of a Bear Market.
  • Difficult for people to understand.

"Once you understand the procedure and try it you will be hooked," says Dale Glaspie.

All Bear markets will have plenty of Inverted Cup with Handles. At the start of a Bear Market you want to Short the Inverted Cup with Handle. When the price starts reversing shortly after breaking down, quit shorting and start watching for the Reversed Inverted Cup with Handle.

Technical analysis Gurus have spent years trying to find an indicator to tell them when a stock has reached bottom. DEL Associates LLC stumbled onto it by studying the Inverted Cup with Handle. Further studies of the Inverted CWH help to get a better understanding of the regular Cup with Handle which will be explained later on. The Reversed Inverted Cup with Handle is nothing more than an Inverted Cup with Handle failing after it Broke Down because the Stock Market had become bullish. Seventy percent of the stocks will follow the overall stock market.

The RIW - Reversed Inverted Weekly will perform exactly as the Reversed Invert­ed Daily just discussed.


Stanley W. – Phoenix, AZ
“This is to let you know that I have finished reading your book “How to Trade the Cup with Handle Family of Trades.” I had not heard of the Inverted Cup with Handle before. It is amazing how you have figured out the eight trades associated with the family. I know I have a lot more to learn ...

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