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How To Trade the Cup With Handle Family of Trades

On October 6, 2000 DEL Associates LLC published the first CupWatch Report.  In the beginning we only reported those stocks that had formed the Cup with Handle Pattern.  Later we added the stocks that broke out on the day of the report.  A few months afterward, based on a request from a hedge fund manager in Ohio, we started publishing the Weekly Report which used weekly data as opposed to daily data.  After developing the Inverted Cup with Handle Pattern during the Bear Market from March 2000 to October 2002 we added it to our daily and weekly scans and reports.

While developing the code for an automated trading system that would trade the Cup with Handle Pattern this process led us to formulate the Computerized CupAlerts System.  This provided the ability to send out email alerts real time as the price approached the pivot point price (buy point).  The symbols reported in the CupWatch Report were placed in the CupAlerts System giving our clients a huge advantage over any other similar system.  Clients could receive the alerts anywhere they had access to their email.

The only thing required to receive the CupWatch Report and the CupAlerts is an active Email Account.  Your only purchase is the subscription to receive them.

The CupTrade Strategies© provided the last link to make an automated trading system by actually placing the trades, setting the stop-loss, and making the appropriate exit when reached. This can be done while the client is at work or on vacation without having to set by a computer all day.  The CupTrade Strategies© along with the nine indicators associated with them were programmed using TradeStation’s Easy Language thus requiring clients to have an active account with TradeStation.


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Jean H. - Charlotte, NC
“Over the years I have attended all sorts of trading seminars and subscribed to many stock trading guru’s letters, reports, and what have you. Now that I have discovered the CupWatch Report and the CupAlerts my days of searching for the right tool is over. In the first month of receiving your ...

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