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How To Trade the Cup With Handle Family of Trades

Our goal at is to educate traders on how to trade the Cup with Handle Family of Trades.  This is a concept we have developed that provides clients with the ability to successfully make trades on stocks that have setup in well established patterns whether the stock is in an uptrend or downtrend.  The traditional Cup with Handle trader will not have the ability to recognize most of the trades we will be showing you.  The reason for this Phnom is that we use both the Cup with Handle and Inverted Cup with Handle and a combination of setups provided by them to provide excellent trades for the educated trader.  The key to success is to put forth the work and effort to develop the skill and knowledge to be able to read charts and accurately anticipate the movement of the stock.  This provides an edge unmatched by any other method. 

We scan the markets daily to find the best Cup with Handle and Inverted Cup with Handle Setups and send them, via email, to you so you can be on top of the best trading opportunities with little effort on your part.  We also report to you daily the Stocks that “Broke Out” or “Broke Down” on the day of the report.  We call this report our “CupWatch Report”.  We place the symbols in the CupWatch Report into our “CupAlerts” computerized system that sends an email to you “Real Time”, during Market Hours as the price approaches the “Buy Signal”.

We will not be telling you what to buy and when.  Instead we will provide you with the education, training  and tools you can use to make timely and accurate decisions.  It will be necessary for you to become a patient trader as generally the biggest mistake traders make is overtrading.  We only trade when conditions are right and exit when conditions no longer meet our requirements.  We do not Day Trade.  However we will teach our advanced traders to trade options.  When we trade options we are only doing so when we are relative certain of market direction and only with top rated Stocks that meet all our criteria.  


George Hutton – Honolulu, Hawaii
“I believe that this seminar had more "meat on the bones" than any other I have been to and I have attended quite a few. I think the subject matter was excellent and I, personally, am anxious to put it to work as soon as possible. I have sent off the required information to TradeStation and should...

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