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How To Trade the Cup With Handle Family of Trades

This section has been constructed to make it easier to learn the concepts of trading the Cup with Handle Family of Trades.  It has been broken down into a series of articles that will explain each component before going on to the next.  The articles should be studied in the order they are presented to gain the maximum benefit.  It will be necessary to go through each part until it is fully understood.  Once the basic concepts are understood more advanced trades can be easily grasped. 

The Cup with Handle Family of Trades enables the trader/investor to recognize changes in market movement and be in on the initial run which will be the strongest part of any trend. offers all the necessary tools needed to successfully trade any market. 

The CupWatch Daily Report provides qualified stocks that can be placed in the Computerized CupAlerts System that sends an email real time during markets hours when the price approaches the Pivot Point or Buy Price.  The symbol can then be placed into the appropriate CupTrade Strategy that will automatically enter and exit the market at the precise moment.  The trader has access to seven indicators they can use to greatly improve their decision making process.  This section will not stop with the initial training but, along with our blog, provide the trader with advance trading concepts as they come up in daily trading.





Bill C. - Missouri
"I rely on the CupWatch Report to provide me with quality setups to trade. The CupAlerts provide further benefit by automating the task of tracking the stocks I’m interested in and alerting me as they near a breakout / breakdown. And the support from DEL Associates is always professional and cou...

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