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Richard Pinto – Milford, CT
I've been investing for about thirty years. About 15 years ago I discovered an investment publication and found it to be a quick informative read. More importantly; however, I discovered the core methodology behind the investment strategies it professes. I quickly subscribed to a chart service. I would go home after a long work day and scan the chart books searching for the proper cup formations, often falling asleep doing so. I then saw an ad for the CupWatch Report. I subscribed and started receiving their chart searching results via email-that was 12 years ago. Needless to say - It's the most efficient - most effective service. Those that realize the value of this trading method can't be without it. My thanks to the Cupwatch Report for aiding me in many rewarding decisions and saving me about 20 hours month.
Mike I. – Kansas City, Mo
“I’ve tried many different ‘styles’ and techniques during my investment career. Without a doubt, Dale Glaspie’s Cup w/ Handle trading system is by far the best I’ve come across. I call it a ‘system’ but that’s not an accurate description. It’s really more a collection of tools and methodologies, which, when properly applied, provide excellent returns while minimizing risk. I highly recommend Dale’s products and services to anyone seeking above average gains”.
Jean H. - Charlotte, NC
“Over the years I have attended all sorts of trading seminars and subscribed to many stock trading guru’s letters, reports, and what have you. Now that I have discovered the CupWatch Report and the CupAlerts my days of searching for the right tool is over. In the first month of receiving your service I made enough to pay my subscription for a life time. I only wish I had found out about your service years ago.”
Stanley W. – Phoenix, AZ
“This is to let you know that I have finished reading your book “How to Trade the Cup with Handle Family of Trades.” I had not heard of the Inverted Cup with Handle before. It is amazing how you have figured out the eight trades associated with the family. I know I have a lot more to learn and I am anxious to get started.”
William F. – Miami, FL
“I knew the Cup with Handle was the best formation to tell when a stock was close to breaking out. My problem was trying to find one. Your service has made that part easy. In fact you do all the work for me. Thank God I found you back in 2004. Please keep up the good work.”
Marilyn L – Montgomery, AL
“I have been using the Cup with Handle formation to tell me when a stock is about to breakout many years. It wasn’t until I read your book “How To Trade the Cup with Handle Family of Trades” that I realized there were many great trades that could be used in any type of market. This book has opened my eyes to how limited my trading had been. By explaining how the Cup with Handle and the Inverted Cup with Handle patterns work together to provide excellent low risk trades you have made me look like a professional guru. Over the past eight years I have grown my retirement account from a start of less than $20,000 to over $1.2 million. I have received requests from many friends and relatives to take over there accounts but I am too old to take on that type of responsibility. Thank you for providing me with the information to be a successful trader.”
Richard P – Houston, TX
“I have used the CupWatch Report and CupAlerts since October 2000 in all types of markets. Once I understood the Four Phases of the Cup with Handle Cycle and learned to use the appropriate strategy for the present market condition my bottom line really begin to grow. I started using your service so I could take control of my own retirement account. You take all the work out of trading by providing the best setups in the top industry groups. Please don’t ever stop what you do.”
Bill C. - Missouri
"I rely on the CupWatch Report to provide me with quality setups to trade. The CupAlerts provide further benefit by automating the task of tracking the stocks I’m interested in and alerting me as they near a breakout / breakdown. And the support from DEL Associates is always professional and courteous."
Joel Bloch – Powell, Ohio
The simple fact is that the CupWatch system has helped me make thousands of dollars in both up and down markets. I am not a professional trader; I have a day job. Dale’s system provides a clear and effective way to filter out those stocks I want to focus on as potential buys or shorts.
George Hutton – Honolulu, Hawaii
“I believe that this seminar had more "meat on the bones" than any other I have been to and I have attended quite a few. I think the subject matter was excellent and I, personally, am anxious to put it to work as soon as possible. I have sent off the required information to TradeStation and should have my account opened and ready for trading by the end of the week”.
Gary Kaltbaum, Host Investors Edge Radio Show and Fox Business News Contributor. Orlando, FL
" I will not start my day without looking at the Cupwatch Report. It cuts through to exactly what I need on a daily basis: the best set-ups in the market on both a daily and weekly basis. The CupAlerts provide me with a timely “heads up” on stocks I am watching to breakout. I could not do without it."