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How To Trade the Cup With Handle Family of Trades

Welcome to where we constantly monitor the stock markets for those stocks which have formed a "Cup with Handle" pattern to indicate a potential Trading Signal. We are DEL Associates LLC and we have taken the Cup with Handle stock trading technology to higher levels by also developing the Inverted Cup with Handle which works with stocks in a Bear Market the same as the Cup with Handle does in a Bull Market.

Cup With Handle

The Cup with Handle formation has long been recognized as the best indicator to forecast that a stock is ready to break out and move up the chart. The Inverted Cup with Handle indicator works similarly in a Bear market. We studied both technical indicators, and the relationships between them, then we developed several computerized trading strategies to profitably trade, with low risk, all phases of the market.

Computerized CupScan©

Our computerized CupScan© software scans the stock markets daily for the Cup with Handle, the Inverted Cup with Handle, and for those stocks that broke out that day. The selected stocks are then screened for the proper fundamentals such as earning, strength, etc. The qualified symbols are sent via email to our clients then placed into our computerized CupAlert system. An email is sent to clients, real time during market hours, once the trigger price is approached.

Products and Services

We offer the investor/trader products and services they can use to become successful in using the stock markets to build their portfolio. Our services allow clients to have access to top quality stocks without spending time doing research.With the complete set of trading tools that is provided by our CupTrade Strategies© (computerized, automated trading software), our clients utilize them to automatically trade the stocks of their choice.

Our Goal is to educate investors/traders to successfully use the stock market to build their portfolio. We do not believe in get rich schemes. Stock trading is hard work and can be very risky. You owe it to yourself to learn everything possible before you invest one dollar. We take it one step at a time. By going through this website and using our computerized Automated Trading Software you will receive the education you will need to succeed.


George Hutton – Honolulu, Hawaii
“I believe that this seminar had more "meat on the bones" than any other I have been to and I have attended quite a few. I think the subject matter was excellent and I, personally, am anxious to put it to work as soon as possible. I have sent off the required information to TradeStation and should...

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